IMerit is a very big company, and they have a lot of experience in making one of the best annotation machines in the world, and the best thing about them is that they also make one of the best custom machines in the world and not only the color and different things but according to the business that the machine is being taken for they even add some extra features so that the people can use it freely without having to spend their money on some different thing and IMerit will make the machine according to the client's project and also the company that they own. The different and the most used video annotations are the bounding boxes, polygon annotation, semantic segmentation, Lidar annotation, and also image classification and the most used thing is the image classification that is being used by the different satellites and also this is being used by the military and the army of different countries to scout the area of missions where they are going to do the mission. This is why video annotation is one of the most used kinds of annotation services that are available on the internet or anywhere else.