What are types of image annotation? 

The thing about the Image annotation service is that the machine is quick to complete the task but the thing is that if the image does not have clear images then the machine will go into the zoom mode this means that it will use the leans to zoom in on the picture and then they will try to analyse the image completely and they will make everything properly and then save it with tags so that the people can use it at anytime and the thing is that you need to check the image and the tags to make sure that everything has been done properly by the machine because sometimes due to some malfunction or problem either in the image or in the machine the work in not completed and the process of annotation is not complete and you will have to either spend more time or else you can send the machine to be fixed by the repair person and you can call them either by calling the call center of the company that has made the machine called as IMerit or else you can just do the whole tagging thing yourself if nothing is working as planned and you can do it personally.  

The good thing about https://imerit.net/image-annotation is that they make and give the client the machine according to their needs and the different kind of projects on which they are working, and these are many different kinds of annotations like bounding boxes, polygon annotations, key point annotation, Lidar and also semantic segmentation and also image classification.
Bounding boxed is the service where the machine will look at the image and then it will make an outline of the different boxes that it can see in the image, and the best thing is that they will also mark it for the people to see and this will help the vision model of the company a lot, and the best thing is that the bounding box marks everything.
Polygon annotation is the service where the expert annotators will look at the images, and then they will plot a line around the different shapes that they can see in the image, and then according to the shape, they can understand what it is. Image classification is a process in which all the lands are separated live using the machine, and this is a very accurate result that you can see on the internet.